Mobile Journalism Awards

The Mobile Journalism Awards competition recognizes the best in mobile journalism storytelling.

Winning films will premiere at the Athena Cinema in Athens, Ohio on Sept. 17, 2019.

The competition recognizes excellence in non-fiction visual storytelling produced by journalists with smartphones.

Why are these awards important? 
Journalism is a cornerstone of free speech and a strong defender of democratic ideals.

By raising the standards for mobile journalism and hosting public screenings, journalists can show the impact of non-fiction storytelling in the form of mobile journalism.

Mobile Journalism Awards

Finding new audiences 
Mobile journalism documentaries are winning top prizes at film festivals from L.A. to Berlin and being screened to live audiences in cinemas as a result.

Mobile journalists now have a film competition to call their own.

What makes these awards special? 

The competition site makes it easy for journalists to submit their work.

A Mobile Film Festival

The EW Scripps School of Journalism will host the priemere live screening event at the Athena cinema in Athens, Ohio on Sept. 17, 2019.

International screenings 
Global journalism groups are partnering with the competition to bring live screenings of the award-winning films to venues and events around the world.

Screenings are currently being planned for Hong Kong, Berlin and Paris.

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