Mobile Journalism Awards

The Mobile Journalism Awards honor the best mobile journalism reporting each year.

The competition site makes it easy to submit your work.

#MojoAwards are organized by a partnership of journalism schools and non-profits to recognize excellence in non-fiction visual storytelling.

View the criteria and you will find options for submitting mobile documentary film, social video, photography, and audio reporting.

Visit the competition site

Winning films will premiere at the Athena Cinema in Athens, Ohio and then at cinema screening events across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Winners will be revealed one-at-a-time in April and May through this sequence of Mojo Film Festivals.


A coalition of partners is building the competition, organizing local screenings and curating the resulting body of work in a way that benefits the next generation of mobile storytellers and educators.

E.W. Scripps School of Journalism — Ohio University
School of Film — Ohio University
Visual Editors non-profit


EFJ School of New Journalism
Global Editors Network

School of Journalism, The American University

Latin American Congress of Mobile Journalism


You can show support for this project by joining more than 500 mobile journalists at the MOST – Mobile Storytellers LinkedIn group.


Best Documentary
• Non-fiction subject Between 3 and 10 minutes in length on any topic. Must be reported using observational narrative ethics. e.g. No staging, No scripting, and No casting allowed.

Best Documentary Short
• Non-fiction subject up to 3 minutes in length on any topic. Must be reported using observational narrative ethics. e.g. No staging, No scripting, and No casting allowed.

Best News story
• Max 3 minutes

Deadline reporting
• Breaking news and live reporting. Unplanned, and on-deadline.

Best Social Media Story
• Max 2 minutes on any topic 

Best Audio Story
• Best Podcast, Radio report. Live show or series. Max length 10 minutes. Please submit as a video project – using your audio story for the soundtrack and a still frame title card for the video track.

Best Photography
• Best non-fiction photography shot with a smartphone. No digital adjustments to image other than minor exposure and color corrections are allowed. No staging. No filters. No kidding.

Best Travel Story
• Max 3 minutes

Best Fashion Story
• Max 3 minutes

Best Nature Story
• Max 3 minutes

Best Food Story
• Max 3 minutes

Best Editing
• An entry where the editing of the story arc is central to the success of the project. Max 2 minutes

Best Use of Sound
• Max 2 minutes

Innovation prize
• Submit a project that stretches the boundaries. (For example: Creatively exploit a unique feature or failing of mojo, Code a killer Mojo app, or assign 12 reporters to Mojo swarm an event using only smartphones)
The judges are looking for amazingly experimental ideas that can inspire others.

Why are these awards important?

Journalism is a cornerstone of free speech and a strong defender of democratic ideals.

By raising the standards for mobile journalism and hosting public screenings, journalists can show the impact of non-fiction storytelling.

Mobile Journalism Awards

Finding new audiences 
Mobile journalism documentaries are winning top prizes at film festivals from L.A. to Berlin and being screened to live audiences in cinemas as a result.

Mobile journalists now have a film competition to call their own.


The common goal is to raise standards by honoring the best work each year and to provide a valuable resource and benchmark for educators, students and professionals worldwide.

  • With an annual competition and screenings around the globe.
  • To organize a collection of the best of mobile journalism from the judging results.
  • Identify a working group to develop a code of ethics for MOJO.


The call for entries for 2019 is open and the competition will close on December 31, 2019.

Judges will be nominated by the partners who are building this project.

Judging will take place in rounds beginning in January 2020.
Winners will be announced at global screening events during the month of April.

Call for Entries

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