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call for entries page
Call for Entries for the third edition of the Mobile Journalism Awards opens Oct. 1, 2021


Best Documentary
• Non-fiction subject between 3 and 10 minutes in length on any topic. Must be accurately reported with integrity using journalism ethics. Creative approaches to editorial illustration and narrative exposition that push the frontier of the documentary genre of are also welcome.

Innovation prize
• Submit a video that shows an innovation project that embraces mobile journalism. (For example: Creatively exploit a unique feature or failing of mojo, Code a killer Mojo app, or assign 12 reporters to Mojo swarm an event using only smartphones)
The judges are looking for amazingly innovative ideas that can inspire others.
Do not enter a documentary film or news reports in this category.

• Your submission can be a documentary, TV News a package, Web series, Social media reporting, or similar.

The entire project must be edited and finished with mobile videos editing apps.
No laptop or desktop computers were used to finish the film.

This category is sponsored by Luma-Touch, makers of Lumafusion.


Winning work is showcased at international journalism festivals including the annual #MojoAwards Red Carpet event. Winners are also invited to teach at the fall #MojoWorkshop event.

Sponsors donate cash and prizes to support the annual competition.
Luma-touch, Røde, Shoulderpod, IK Multimedia, Moondog Labs, Shure, Filmocracy, and the Smart Film School.

• The winner of the #FinishedOnMobile category is awarded a iPad Pro 12.9″ with keyboard from Luma-Touch – makers of the Lumatouch video editing app.

• Category winners will each receive a gear prize or gift certificate

• Mojo filmmakers whose films have been selected to be screened at the live event will win $500 gift certificates from the Smart Film School.

• Semi-finalist nominees (also known as the runner up winner) in each category are awarded prizes from a pool of mobile gear donated by sponsors.  Prize pool includes Røde Wireless Go mics, Shure MV-88+ mics, and IK Multimedia iRig Pre-2 audio kits.

Note: Category winners will receive both the category winner prize and the selected/finalist prizes, but not also the semi-finalist prize.


Luma-Touch, Røde, Smart Film School, MoonDog Labs, Filmocracy, IK Multimedia, Shoulderpod, and Shure.

Become a Sponsor.


Marta Machado, Thomson Reuters Foundation, London

Marcela Kunova, Journalism Co UK

Robert Stewart, Emeritus Director, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism

Kim Fox, The American University Cairo

Jacques Rosselin, EFJ School of New Journalism, Paris

Naila Hamdy, The American University Cairo


Viewing the best films and meeting the top mobile journalists who made them is reason enough to register for this MOJO Film Festival.

The #MojoAwards is the annual #MojoMeetup where you can network with MOJO colleagues from around the globe in real time and share tips about the latest tools and techniques.

Join more than 500 mobile journalists at the MOST – Mobile Storytellers LinkedIn group and volunteer your institution to be a part of the awards committee. I


#MojoAwards has received mobile journalism stories from reporters in United States, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, China, Italy, Russian Federation, S. Korea, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Chile, Jordan, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Ireland, Qatar, Sudan, Tunisia, Switzerland, Israel.

Call for entries for the the third edition opens October 1, 2022


Judges are nominated by the directors of these journalism institutions.

E.W. Scripps School of Journalism — Ohio University
School of Film — Ohio University
Visual Editors non-profit


EFJ School of New Journalism

The American University, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Latin American Congress of Mobile Journalism

This group of volunteers forms the competition committee. They are the directors of journalism schools, editors-in-chief, and media development experts.

They advise on categories, judging criteria, and help to coordinate additional screening events of the winning work from this competition..

Journalism is a cornerstone of free speech and a strong defender of democratic ideals.
By raising the standards for mobile journalism and hosting public screenings, journalists can show the impact of non-fiction storytelling.

The Mobile Journalism Awards recognize excellence in non-fiction storytelling by mobile reporters.

The #MojoAwards are a project of Visual Editors, NFP, a Chicago-area non profit that supports visual journalism scholarship.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to support this project.

Institutional donors may request a copy of the organization’s 501(c)3 ruling from the IRS and the certificate of good standing issued by the Illinois Secretary of State.

Visual Editors,NFP is listed in Guidestar.


A selection of top #MojoAwards films premiere in early April each year at the International Journalism Festival where more than 5,000 journalists gather in Perugia, Italy. The 2022 #MojoAwards event will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Follow this page and the #MojoAwards hashtag on Twitter for all competition announcements.

Official updates will be posted by @MobileMost and @VizEds


Meet the winners of Season One in this Awards Show Replay

The following mobile journalists were awarded iPads as prizes in Season One (2019-2020) of the competition.

Nico Piro, Italy

Beraat GÖKKUŞ. France

Simon O’Neill, Ireland

Max Schleser, Australia

Beraat GÖKKUŞ in Paris, France is one of the iPad winners from the first edition of the competition.

Australian Professor Max Schleser , Ph.D (@MaxMobile ) edits timelapse video with LumaFusion on the iPad he won as the grand prize winner of the Innovation category of #MoJoAwards.

These brand new iPads were donated by Luma Touch LLC, makers of the LumaFusion video editing app.

The #FinishedOnMobile category is dedicated to mobile journalism entries that were not only shot with mobile devices, but completely editing on them as well.

In addition monthly drawing winners were awarded gift certificates from Moondog Labs and the Smart Film School.

Category winners were also awarded Wireless Go mic kits donated by Røde microphones.


See the winners of Season Two in this Awards Show Replay


The following films were selected for Season Two of the #MojoAwards. (2020-2021)

With “luxury” against Covid-19 in Malawi
Director Michael Hobeck

Utopia Of the outraged
Director Marcelo Lagreze

Beef between cows
Directors Argento Céline & Utz Coline

Director Leonela GardeMont
Dominican Republic

Bosnia, where Europe ends
Director Nico Piro

Director Eyad Aldaoud

Father and Son
Director Michael Conway
United Kingdom

Awake in Stuttgart
Director José Pabo Estrada Torrescano

Seeing through walls: Visions of peace and unity
Director Laura Onyeneho
United States

Home visit on the border between China and Vietnam
Director Xiao Hu

A Visual Journey through Iran : Sistan and Baluchistan
Director Ebrahim Mirmalek
United States

Paris Lockdown
Director Beraat Gokkus

Little Beings
Director Diamida Ordaz

Capturing time
Director Itzel Sarmientos

The following early-bird entrants won $200 gift certificates from Moondog Labs in the second edition of the #MojoAwards:

Philip Bromwell

Michael Conway

Marcelo Lagreze