VISUAL EDITORS was founded in 2004 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Visual Editors Logo

Educational purpose

The non-profit provides  learning opportunities to students and the public through online courses, workshops, social media groups, and seminars. The Visual Editors education concept helps student journalists and also helps make journalism practices more transparent to lay people.  

Develops and embraces new technologies
Visual Editors embraces emerging technologies to bring visual storytellers together. VizEds was using the power of social media years before that term or the potential educational impact of this media was was widely understood. 

An interactive, online learning laboratory
The not-for-profit partners with top online learning providers to bring affordable interactive teaching tools for NGOs, schools and teachers to help students and staff learn state-of-the-art journalism techniques. Top media professionals from the world’s newsrooms volunteer their time in Visual Editors learning laboratories and workshops.  

Promotes excellence in visual journalism
Visual Editors brings to the vanguard leading scholarly topics, journalism case studies, interviews, and media developments of interest to students of journalism.