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Visual Editors, NFP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides educational resources and programming to promote excellence in visual journalism.

Develops and embraces scholarship projects
We are a public charity that brings non-fiction visual storytellers together in creative ways to develop original programming.

Visual Editors, NFP partners with journalism foundations, universities and organizations to produce global projects that raise professional standards and help make visual journalism practices transparent to lay people.

Visual Editors is the public charity that produces the Mobile Journalism Awards annual competition and expo to recognize excellence in non-fiction storytelling with smartphones. The event brings the global community of mobile journalists together to share and celebrate the best work being produced each year.

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Serving a global community of journalists and educators since 2004

“VizEds” built the first social network for visual journalists in 2004 that allowed the international visual journalism community of professionals, educator and students to share and critique the best work being done in visual reporting and editing.

This public charity helps student journalists and professionals raise professional standards for visual reporting and helps make journalism practices more transparent to lay people.

Visual Editors,NFP is listed in Guidestar.