Mobile Journalism Workshop
September 24 & 25, 2021

Join us for #Mojo panels, presentations, film screenings, workshops and masterclasses led by the best mobile journalists in the world.

Mojo workshop - Conference floor plan
Our 800-seat virtual conference hall hosts private roundtable discussions as well as the live video presentations from the expert speakers like Philip Bromwell. Hang out for with mobile journalism colleagues from all over the globe in the two-day Mojo Workshop.

~ Join Masterclass Sessions over two days.

~ Meet with other journalists in a truly interactive Meeting Room.

~ Watch the best documentaries from the recent #MojoAwards in our private Screening Room.

~ Reserve your spot

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When: Sept 24 & 25, 2021
Where: Meeting Room at mobilejournalismawards.com

Friday Conference: $25
Saturday Masterclass: $75

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#MojoWorkshop Schedule


From 4 p.m to 9 p.m. London, UK time
All sessions take place online at the #MojoAwards Meeting Room.

Speakers include Philip Bromwell, Leonor Suárez, David Williams, Nico Piro, Pascal Pletsch, Marcelo Lagreze, Mike Reilly and previous winners of the #MojoAwards annual competition. Workshop host is Robb Montgomery.

SESSION 1 – #MOJO Innovation
Cinema and TV journalism

SESSION 2 – #MOJO Reporting
Local reporting

Best Apps & Gear

SESSION 4 – #MOJO Finished on mobile
Video editing masterclass

SESSION 5 – #MOJO Education
Case Studies in mobile journalism


From 4 p.m to 8 p.m. London, UK time
Half-day session takes place online at the #MojoAwards Meeting room.

Masterclass: #Mojo Documentary Filmmaking
How to plan, shoot and produce a powerful short film. Half-Day workshop with our award-winning #Mojo masters: Philip B, Leonor S, Nico P, Itzel S, Marcelo L

This Masterclass limited to 50 participants.


Friday Conference: $25
Saturday Masterclass: $75


Ticketing is processed by Elevent.
The interactive conference hall and Best #Mojo Documentary screening room is hosted by Filmocracy.

This project recognizes excellence in non-fiction storytelling by featuring the work of the best mobile journalists in the world. The annual Film Festival and workshop events support Visual Editors, NFP, a Chicago-area public charity that advances visual journalism scholarship.