#MojoAwards: Season 5 winners

The fifth season of the #MojoAwards is complete and three #Mojo films have been selected for the categories: Documentary, Mobile Journalism, and Crisis Reporting.


The Nornen
Ben McGrail
Mobile Journalism
United Kingdom

The South Peak
Calle Elfström

Last Shooting
Slavik Bihun
Crisis Reporting


Join the Live Awards Show on June 11, 2024 at 7 p.m. Berlin time.
Hosted by the Smart Film School.

Winners will receive prizes, discuss their film stories and have their winning work screened.

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Winners receive gear prizes donated by our sponsors.
Zacuto is awarding the Best Documentary and Best Mobile Journalism story winners with some amazing filmmaking gear.

Zacuto viewfinder for smartphone

Each journalist who has a story selected as a finalist will be awarded a $500 gift certificate from the Smart Film School.


Call for entries opens September 14

Deadline is January 14

Nominees notified in February

Winners are screened at NABshow and at the international Journalism Festival in April 

Live Awards show in June


Mobile Journalism
• An open call for feature stories, news reports, travel stories, and human-interest features that have been shot primarily with smartphones.

NOTE: Judges can make several awards from work entered into this category. It all depends upon the variety, originality and quality of the work sent in.

• Assets from other small mobile gear like portable mics, GoPros, Drones, 360° and Action Cams is allowed.
• English Subtitles (burned in) are mandatory for any non-English scenes. 
• All aspect ratios are supported (Square, Horizontal, Vertical).

• Non-fiction subject between 3 and 10 minutes in length on any topic. Must be accurately reported with integrity using journalism ethics. Creative approaches to editorial illustration and narrative exposition that push the frontier of the documentary genre forward are certainly welcome. 

Crisis Reporting
Entries may consist of reports, documentaries, live shots, news packages, or human-interest features that have been shot primarily with smartphones. 
• Stories can be filmed in any location (battlefield, border crossings, homes, in transit, or anywhere necessary to tell the story of the crisis).
• Assets from other small mobile gear like portable mics, GoPros, Drones, 360°, and Action Cams is allowed, but material that was clearly produced with the capabilities of larger cameras is ineligible. 
• English Subtitles (burned in) are mandatory for any non-English scenes. All aspect ratios are supported (Square, Horizontal, Vertical).

These awards make a real difference for mobile storytellers and the communities they serve.

Note from the Filmmaker of Last Shooting

This “Last Shooting”’s prestigious #MojoAward is about and dedicated to the memory of over 100 filmmakers and media professionals killed by Russia in Ukraine as of spring 2024. Some of them, such as Brent Renaud, Mantas Kvedaravičius, Arman Soldin, came to Ukraine to show what Russian culture or Russian peace truly means for Ukrainians and the world. Some, such as Mantas Kvedaravičius in Mariupol and Mark Levin near Bucha were reportedly captured, tortured and executed by Russians. Some — and these are mostly young Ukrainians — left their pens, PCs, cameras, and careers behind to defend Ukraine with arms and force, the only language Russia understands well. Our joint work and fight in Ukraine continue, please remember this. We have no or little chance without the civilized world’s support to survive here in Ukraine against the world’s largest aggressor. Journalism and modern technologies, cinema as method intertwined in mobile journalism – this is what today could prevent what we know as the Holocaust and the Holodomor, Rwanda and the new Bucha. This is what Russia wants – to kill, silence or bribe everyone who speaks or shows the truth. They continue to do so in the west. The first thing Russians do when they occupy a new part of Ukraine, they take away or screen smartphones, cut communications. Because it is easier to do evil in the dark. Without responsibility. But this is not an anti-Russian film or reporting as such, for us it is a first-person account about inspiration and dreams, both fulfilled and those that remained to be fulfilled by us, these notable and brave people leave us with, departing from this world too soon. Their “Last Shooting” is our first or next shooting.  

Global Film Screenings

Winning films are screened at international journalism events throughout the year.

Winning entries have been screened at the NABshow (USA) and the International Journalism Festival (ITALY).

View Finalists films from all seasons at the Smart Film School.



Season 6 Call for Entries opens Sept. 14, 2024.
View the categories and criteria for entries.


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